What is Crypto-GRAMO?

Crypto-GRAMO is revolutionizing the Loyalty and Rewards landscape by introducing a blockchain-based platform specifically designed for CBD and cannabis-related retail outlets.

Purchasing cannabis from our partnered stores rewards you with GRAMO tokens – a whole new way of customer appreciation!

With Crypto-GRAMO, the era of traditional points cards in the cannabis industry is over. Instead of perpetuating environmentally unfriendly practices with physical cards, which are often misplaced, damaged, or unused, we offer a green alternative. Crypto-GRAMO harnesses the power of blockchain to address these issues.

Earn GRAMO tokens every time you make a purchase at any of our partnered outlets. Accumulate these tokens for redeeming discounts, ordering exclusive merchandise, or trade them in the crypto market where others might be seeking additional tokens for their own discounts.

The frustration of forgetting your points card will be a thing of the past. Your mobile phone, which is almost always with you, is all you need. Avail your crypto rewards with every purchase, whether in-store or online, using the GRAMO app. Use your accumulated GRAMO tokens for discounts at our partner shops, gaining access to special offers, exclusive events, and unique Crypto-GRAMO merchandise. Additionally, you have the option to buy and sell your GRAMO tokens, trading them for other cryptocurrencies if you wish.


ASA 393498731

GRAMO is a token powered by the Algorand blockchain

GRAMO is an Algorand Standard Asset (ASA)

The ASA ID of GRAMO is 393498731

Do you want to explore GRAMO technical details in the Algorand blockchain?

Please go to AlgoExplorer and see GRAMO chart at


GRAMO Tokenomics

Total supply: 20,000,000 GRAMOs


GRAMO roadmap 2021-2023

2021 Q4
  • Creation of GRAMO (ASA 393498731)
  • Web and domain:
  • Team discussion, foundation
  • Tokenomics
  • First investment by the Team
  • First scripts for automatic airdrops
2022 Q1
  • Functional definitive Web
  • Telegram GRAMO_official group
  • First public Airdrop
  • Whitepaper
  • Conversation with Cannabis-CBD shops
2022 Q2
  • Discord server
  • Validation of ASA by Algorand
  • Private Pre-sale
  • Second and Third public Airdrops
  • Conversations with CBD shops
2022 Q3
  • Fourth public Airdrop
  • Development of Rewards program
  • Establishment of key Cannabis-CBD shops partners (beta-testers)
2022 Q4
  • Implementation of Rewards program / GRAMO Dashboard
2023 Q1
  • NFT collection
  • NFT-based airdrops
2023 Q2
  • GRAMO Staking
  • Token Launch at Tinyman
2023 Q3
  • Marketing GRAMO to Cannabis Shops (Spain, France)
  • Open Pilot Rewards Program
  • GRAMO Dashboard Mainnet
2023 Q4
  • Marketing GRAMO to Cannabis Shops (Spain, France, Germany)
  • GRAMO Dashboard for Cannabis Shops



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